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              Welcome to Guangdong SOMP Commutator Co., Ltd.

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              ABOUT US

              Safe and high quality

              Market positioning is clear,all-round product provision, excellent machine whole-process production to provide strength products.

              Team Management


              Professional Management, young team, respect for talent, staff and company development. Service to win the market, to the quality of customer satisfaction.

              R & D management 

              According to the previous data report, analysis of product quality, key product research and develo

                     Shenzhen SOMP Commutator Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of AC, DC motor commutator, which is a well-known enterprise. Products are widely used in power tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and other DC motor. The company take "customer satisfaction" as the company’s business philosophy. The company pay attention to quality, and delivery period. Our product has been adopted by many well-known enterprises, exported to the South East Asia, Middle East area, Europe and the American market, and was unanimously Recognized.

                SOMP focus on quality management,new product development and process innovation. Since the creation of the company, a lot of investment are invested for the purchase of advanced quality testing equipment, Test equipment, production and processing equipment, and the establishment of the measurement room. Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, our product quality has reached the leading level.

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              Company:Guangdong SOMP Commutator Co., Ltd.
              Tel:0750 7777785
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              company:Zhejiang SOMP Commutator Co., Ltd.
              Tel:0577 65060787
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              Head office:Shenzhen SOMP Commutator Co., Ltd.

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